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Relax, Release and Restore
3 day 2 night- Women's Retreat
Cervià de Ter, Girona, Spain
5th - 7th May 2023


Join Tatiana and Cat for a beautiful escape to relax, release and restore in Catalonia.


We invite you to reconnect to yourself again. 

Over the full 3 days, we have curated activities to explore and return you to who you really are. To come home to you. 


We commence the retreat on the evening of the Full Moon.  A wonderful time to reflect and set intentions for the future. 

We will connect you to the area that Tati and Cat have known for years.

To share our understanding and love of Catalonia with cultural visits,  beautiful yoga practices, and rituals to calm you plus healthy family-inspired menus, coaching circles, and an art workshop. All chosen to dive deeper into coming home to you. 

About Cervià de Ter

and our family connection.

Come home with us to Cervià de Ter.


Cervià de Ter is close to the city of Girona near the beautiful area of Empordà . The village, with its 10th-century castle and the Santa Maria monastery, is part of the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia.

 Cervià de Ter has been in the hearts of the Borgström family for over 40 years. Pel.le Borgström was Tatiana’s grandfather and the first Swedish man to live in Cervià de Ter in the 70s. He was followed by Tati’s father Mikael and his family.


The Borgström family fell in love with this magical part of Catalonia and spend all their Summers there.  Mikael was a passionate architect and design lover and fulfilled a dream by designing and building a house for the Borgström family.


The house is called Can Miquel and overlooks the village with views over the magical D’Emporda region. 

Casa Oliver


We will stay at Casa Oliver -  a beautiful, renovated house in the heart of the village. 


Casa Oliver is a local architectural project born with the intention of sharing the beauty and understanding of the way of life in Girona and the Empordà.  


The house is considered an example of rural architecture, restored with traditional techniques and local materials with a modern and welcoming interior.  A house that is part of the historical heritage of Cervià de Ter.


Casa Oliver is a place where you are able to relax, read in the lounge areas, and beautiful garden, maybe take a roam around the village, take walks in the woods, or take a dip in the pool.

Casa Oliver Photography Courtesy of  Laia Roviras


Can Miquel


We also invite you to the family home designed by Tati’s father Mikael for workshop circles and dinners. Also you are welcome whenever you please to relax here. It's just a few minutes walk from Casa Oliver.  


"Mi casa es su casa."

Casa Miquel is nestled into the hill with a grass roof adorned with beautiful statues by Xicu Cabanyes a well know Catalan artist.

Can Miquel overlooks the village of Cervià de Ter with magnificent views and sunsets over the region of Emporda.